Foxtronix, Incorporated
Electronic Components, Incorporated
Design-In Consultants/Manufacturers Representatives

E.C.I. is a manufacturers representative firm, which supports O.E.M., industrial and military accounts at the design-in level. Other specialties include; customer driven stocking programs, quality off-shore production capabilities, kitting and a complete staff of friendly people waiting to hear from you at our home office.

Printed Circuit Boards
Vulcan-Flex Technology
Flex and Flexirigid Printed Circuit Boards (Mil-Approved)

Packaging Products
Membrane Switches, Overlays & Labels.

General Devices
Chassis Trak Slides & Vent Rak Cabinets (Powder Coating Capability)

L-K Industry
Injection Molding (Tool & Die Capability)

Offshore Mfg. Capabilities including plastic molding & full turn-key assembly

Active & Passive Components
Precision & Power Wire Wound Resistors (Surface Mount)

M.C. Davis
Custom transformers, inductors, chokes, RF coils, cable harnesses & battery pack
assemblies. Meet and exceed U.L. class (A), (B), (C), VDE, CSA, CE & FM Safety
Standards. MIL Standards 45208 & 45662A ISO 9002

U.S. Toyo
Fans: A.C., D.C., P.C. Board Mount and Temperature Sensing

Microwave & Coaxial Switches
Dow-Key Microwave Corporation
(a subsidiary of Dover Corporation)
A leader in the design and fabrication of switching products, supply to the aerospace,
military and communication industry with state-of-the-art products to direct RF
energy since 1945.

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   Contact Information
Home Office:
Electronic Components, Inc.
Chris Sweeney / President
2240 E. Central Avenue
Miamisburg, OH 45342

Phone: (937) 866-3340
Fax: (937) 866-3371

Cincinnati Office:
Electronic Components, Inc.
Tim Sweeney / Territory Agent
11706 Vaukvalley Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45259

Phone: (937) 477-2157
Fax: (513) 683-7375

We Proudly Provide Quality Products from Parker/Chomerics including:
Honeycomb Vents, Custom Extrusions, Metal EMI Gaskets, Finger Stock, Conducitve Elastomer, and MUCH more!
We Are Your Source for Dow-Key Microwave products including
RF/Microwave, coaxial, waveguide, switches. Including space T-switches and switch blocks.
K&L Microwave designs and manufactures a full line of RF and microwave filters, duplexers and subassemblies, including ceramic, lumped element, cavity, waveguide and tunable filters.
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