Foxtronix, Incorporated

Company Officers
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Chris Sweeney
John Stanton
Territory 3 (Northern OH, Western PA)
Tim Sweeney
Outside Sales Manager Territory 1
(S. OH, N. KY, Cincinnati)
Lori McGrath
Inside sales Territory 5
Government EDI Coor./Computer Operations/Shipping/Receiving/Backup for Purchasing

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Foxtronix Linecard
We Proudly Provide Quality Products from Parker/Chomerics including:
Honeycomb Vents, Custom Extrusions, Metal EMI Gaskets, Finger Stock, Conducitve Elastomer, and MUCH more!
We Are Your Source for Dow-Key Microwave products including
RF/Microwave, coaxial, waveguide, switches. Including space T-switches and switch blocks.
K&L Microwave designs and manufactures a full line of RF and microwave filters, duplexers and subassemblies, including ceramic, lumped element, cavity, waveguide and tunable filters.
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